Best Nespresso Machines – Reviews & Complete Guide 2020

A Nespresso machine can create excitement for a working day. It is often designed to make your cup of delicious coffee without needing to have any professional barista skills. Along with that, the determination of the best Nespresso machines that will help you make a great cup of espresso for your coffee passion.

What is Nespresso?

You might be surprised to know that Nespresso is a Switzerland based unit of the Nestlé Group. A line of pod espresso machine is made in their way in cooperation with many other companies. Nespresso machine is known to be compatible with Nespresso ESE capsules (Easy Serve Espresso). The nespresso models promise to bring convenience and ease of use.

What is Nespresso?
What is Nespresso?

As you know, choosing the Nespresso model will become difficult if you do not know the advantages as well as disadvantages of the Nespresso machine. The distinctive features will come with each model. Therefore, keep in mind the best Nespresso machines will be the key to get you with a real taste for quality. Before finding out how to use Nespresso, some of the Nespresso reviews can help you find the best Nespresso machines. Let us check out right now to take your pick!

1. De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus

It is said that one of the best Nespresso machines is De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus which helps you make a cup of great coffee every day at your cozy home.

De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus


  • It is equipped with Barista Grade which creates the ideal flow of water with 19 bars of pressure. Therefore, it only takes yours within 1 minute to create heat.
  • The Smart Coffee Maker of De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus helps you easily choose your Nespresso essenza without waiting between cups.
  • With the Nespresso coffee machine, there are three milk choices and two coffee choices for you at the control panel.
  • Besides, it can also accommodate bigger coffee drinks with the versatile technology. Latte, cappuccino, and macchiato can all be created easily and quickly with technology.


  • The milk is not hot when you make milk-based coffee.
  • It is known that the Nespresso machine is rather heavy.

The Nespresso machine pods of De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus work vigorously. Thanks to unique features, it is a high-quality Nespresso maker. Moreover, the automatic one-touch system, a beloved coffee can be made in a few minutes.

Plus, the  removable 12oz carafe of De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus can store the milk for some days to consume. It’s extremely convenient and easy with the carafe that helps heat up in just a few seconds for using. Some buttons make you use quickly with a variety of drinks.

Not to forget, the unit of the Nespresso machine is rather easy to clean. The pods of De’Longhi EN520SL Lattissima Plus are ejected into the tank which can accommodate ten pods. Furthermore, the drip tray is also designed for cleaning easily.

As we know, a large drawback is its weight. Because of being heavy, it is rather hard for you to move it from one place to another.

Bottom line

It is considered that the De’Longhi EN520SL Larrissima Plus will be an excellent pick of you. If you would like to take Nespresso maker for plenty of espressos or cappuccinos and lattes, the Nespresso machine is an extremely great suggestion just for you.

2. Nespresso Pixie

If you are extremely keen on the taste of coffee but your house does not have enough counter space to spare, the Nespresso Pixie is probably the best choice for you. What all this means is that the Nespresso Pixie is suitable for you especially. Since it is also known that Nespresso Pixie is one of the best Nespresso machines for everybody loving coffee.

Nespresso Pixie


  • Because of the small size, Nespresso Pixie is not an issue for your kitchen space.
  • Nespresso Pixie is known to be one of the best Nespresso machines since it is easy to operate strongly.
  • You are allowed to choose different sizes of cups with the Nespresso maker.
  • With High-Pressure Pump, Nespresso Pixie allows you to get great tasting espresso by a wonderful speed.
  • Especially, Nespresso Pixie integrates an automatic turn-off function which turns it off after 10 minutes. Therefore, you do not worry about whether you left it running.


  • Some premium features do not come with this Nespresso machine. It means that you do not have the number of premium choices.
  • In spite of the tiny size, it also makes a lot of noise for your kitchen.
  • The Nespresso machine lacks some of the nuts of higher-priced models.

If the Nespresso machine size, as well as its price, is your major criterion, Nespresso Pixie can come up to your expectations. To honest, with Nespresso reviews from many coffee lovers, it is maybe one of the most compact machines in the market at the moment. Besides, it is too small to be convenient whenever you pick it.

According to information from the manufacturer, this Nespresso machine holds up to eleven capsules. Hence, you do not need to clean it daily. Plus, it is also designed with a water tank holding up to 24 ounces of water.

Because of the high pressure 19 bar pump, it can make you a favorite coffee cups. Besides, the flavors and aromas of the coffee are released absolutely. The Nespresso maker is lacking of a number of premium features. Not surprisingly, it is a big minus of Nespresso Pixie that you need to consider when taking Nespresso reviews.

Bottom line

The Nespresso Pixie doesn’t associate a lot of impressive features with its characteristics, but it is the best choice for those who do not have plenty of space in the kitchen. Please keep in mind that it can make a mouthwatering cup of coffee.

3. De’Longhi EN80B

To get great-tasting espressos in seconds, not to forget consulting the De’Longhi EN80B. When trying to choose the best Nespresso maker along with getting Nespresso machine reviews, you should consider the desire to take a sensible product. It is known as a small Nespresso machine that De’Longhi EN80B is a lightweight and comfort accessories. For beginners or travelers regularly, the unit is indispensable for just you.

De’Longhi EN80B


  • The De’Longhi EN80B has a prompt extraction system as well as the fast speed with BARISTA GRADE equipment.
  • This Nespresso coffee machine is not only programmable but also comfortable with adjusting the cup size.
  • This Nespresso maker is designed with a smart energy-saving mode saving your electricity.
  • Especially, The De’Longhi EN80B is available at a suitable price.


  • Sometimes it drips when it is done the brewing.
  • The water space of the reservoir is rather limited.

The De’Longhi EN80B is a lightweight Nespresso maker with portability. When compare Nespresso machines, you find out it to hardly resume counter stakes uppace. The De’Longhi EN80B is a simple-to-use machine making it easy to make a tasting coffee.

Not surprisingly, it can heat only 25 seconds along with its 24-ounce reservoir. Therefore, it makes up to 9 cups before is refilled this machine. Furthermore, the adjustable cup size and the two programmable buttons allow you brewing your favorite coffee.

A folding drip tray is designed to let it accommodate larger cups as well as diversified kinds like lattes or cappuccinos. Finally, after nine minutes of activity, the De’Longhi EN80B can switches off via the smart energy-saving mode.

Last but not least, this Nespresso coffee machine could be suitable for everybody because of the reservoir of  24-ounce.

Bottom line

For those who are fond of convenience, compactness and reasonable price is the De’Longhi EN80B to be one of the best small Nespresso machines. Moreover, you do not need to spend a lot of your kitchen space for it since it’s extremely compact.

4. De’Longhi America, Inc. EN750MB

Among the many of Nespresso models, the De’Longhi America, Inc. EN750MB is maybe a great pick if you are interested in having their brews with milk. This Nespresso maker can make coffee shop quality espresso at your home.

De’Longhi America, Inc. EN750MB


  • The De’Longhi America, Inc. EN750MB is not only sleek but also extremely durable.
  • This Nespresso coffee machine heats up rather fast.
  • Its intuitive touch display is relatively easy to brew a cup of coffee.
  • This Nespresso maker also allows you creating long-lasting and rich foam with its equipment.


  • It’s mentioned that after every couple of days, you need to clean it completely.
  • This Nespresso coffee machine is a pricier device.

It is worth noting that this Nespresso model not only has plenty of premium features but comes with De’Longhi’s Automatic System too. It goes with a touchscreen LED as well as is equipped for many drinks, for example, espresso, hot milk, cappuccino, and lungo.

Besides, you also make any drinks except for the six pre-programmed drinks when customizing the volume settings for the favorite coffee. The same as the hot water option, you could make hot chocolate and tea-like your tasting drinks

Plus, it goes with the flexibility to accommodate different sizes of cups because of the diversity of the cup. One of the advantages of this Nespresso model is the pod tank containing up to sixteen capsules. Similarly to many De’Longhi products, it has a milk container for storing milk in the refrigerator.

When reading Nespresso reviews, learning how to use Nespresso and taking notice of the modes of Nespresso machine, you need to keep in mind the frequency of cleaning, special the De’Longhi America, Inc. EN750MB.

Bottom line

If you would like to taste brews and milk, not to forget picking up the De’Longhi America, Inc. EN750MB. A long-lasting, rich and dense foam can make the lattes or cappuccinos absolutely for your perfect coffee.

5. DeLonghi EN85R

The DeLonghi EN85R is famously one of the best Nespresso Essenza machines. Overall, it is a compact and tiny unit. Therefore, it can help you make coffeehouse-style drinks with favorite tasting. Among a lot of available models, The DeLonghi EN85R is a special point for you to take a cup of coffee without demanding plenty of counter space.

DeLonghi EN85R


  • The DeLonghi EN85R is fitted with all kitchens because of tiny and compact size.
  • You make many perfect cups of coffee with the 19-bar pressure of this model.
  • If there are many people more, The DeLonghi EN85R also provides a glad selection of cup sizes.
  • It is said that the DeLonghi EN85R is energy efficient Coffee machine reaching an energy-saving mode since it can switches off after nine minutes automatically.
  • This model also works quickly for having a tasting coffee.


  • The pump of the DeLonghi EN85R makes some noise that can affect your home.
  • This Nespresso coffee machine may not be as strong as your expectation.

The model is available in three colors for your multiform choice. Not only is one of the tiniest machines but also is sturdy to make espressos. As we know, with only a one-button push, the Nespresso maker can make your favorite drink in half a minute.

Expect for espressos, you can take advantage of this Nespresso model to make lungo. Plus, you can turn the wide range of Nespresso capsules into an advantage to get your drinks. The box of 16 packs helps you choose which one you prefer.

As mentioned above, the model has many additional features. For example, with a minute it can produce piping hot coffee. While the auto shut-off after 9 minutes has no activity to ensure the durability of the Nespresso machine.

Bottom line

If you do not have a lot of space for large Nespresso machines on your counter, this Nespresso model is for your requirements. The products also provide plenty of value like speed, safety, and your money.


There are many Nespresso machines in the market. But which model is right for your expectations? You have to give the various choice of factors for considering the best Nespresso machine. Are you willing to decide on your Nespresso maker? As we know, Nespresso is one of the excellent brands for coffee machines. You are confident in getting a lot of high-quality brews with the best Nespresso machine.

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