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Best Espresso Machines Brands Review for 2020

Currently, there are hundreds of Espresso machines available on the Internet. But, choosing the best Espresso machine brands from the rest becomes a tough choice.

Also, browsing through tons of features such as brewing time, taste and the quality of coffees, we have picked for you some of the best Espresso machines brands for 2020.

To help you choose the best espresso maker, we have jotted down the top five models.

Read on to discover our top picks that will surely compel you to buy any of them, in the quickest possible way.

1. Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

Being our top pick among the best Espresso machine brands, Breville BES870XL is among our best-loved choices.
Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine

  • The coffee maker delivers a complete stainless steel design.
  • It is highly customizable to suit the taste of coffee lovers.
  • The customer service support is amazing.
  • It offers a massive water reservoir.


  • The machine is bulky.

Especially for the people who love to drink amazing espresso, the Breville BES870XL has done the best in every department.

Talking about the design, this coffee maker comes with complete stainless steel design. Of course, the machine is durable whereas you don’t need to worry about the machine breakages.

Moving ahead, the coffee brewer offers tons of customization options. You can make the coffee way you want and drink the same with utmost joy.

Also, from our side, we were a fan of a humongous water reservoir. With this, you can serve people with a good amount of coffees, in every house party.

However, if you are thinking to travel with this coffee maker, take a look at our other recommendations.

2. DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

If you are interested in the models that are quite easy to operate, take a keen look at the DELONGHI ESAM3300 coffee maker.
DELONGHI ESAM3300 Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

  • The machine does not require any sort of skills.
  • It offers a premium quality coffee grinder.
  • The coffee maker doesn’t make noise while brewing coffee.
  • It comes with a frothing band.


  • The customer service support is not up to the mark.

The features of the DELONGHI ESAM3300 coffee maker are extraordinary whereas it produces fantastic espressos for every user.

Practically, you require no skills to use this coffee maker as just a few steps can do the job for you.

Talking about its other list of features, it offers a powerful grinder that can grind the coffee beans with perfection.

Also, we love coffee makers that offer coffee brewing in silence and guess what? This machine gave us exactly the same.

Lastly, the customer support of this coffee maker is on the downside.

3. KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Coffee maniacs on a tight budget, opting for the KRUPS XP3208 can resolve all your low budget queries.
KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

  • The machine is pretty compact and small.
  • It comes at a much lower cost.
  • Availability of a large water reservoir tank.


  • It doesn’t offer any built-in coffee grinder.

The KRUPS XP3208 is a coffee maker worth looking at and admiring its stunning set of features.

First of all, this is one of the best espresso machines brands we ever tested for a very long time. Right from its compact design to offering low cost, this coffee maker is a gem of an option.

Plus, it delivers a removable 50-ounce water reservoir that can deliver a good quantity of coffee to every coffee fanatic.

Altogether, at a really tight budget, all you get with KRUPS XP3208 is really cool coffees to suffice your needs.

However, if you want to grind the coffee beans inside the coffee maker, that won’t be possible with this coffee maker.

4. la Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R – 2-Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine

Running a massive hotel and want the best espresso machine brand, coffee maker? The la Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R – 2-Group is a steal deal.
la Pavoni BAR-STAR 2V-R - 2-Group Commercial Espresso Cappuccino machine

  • It offers a humongous copper boiler.
  • The large capacity bar can brew a massive quantity of coffee.
  • It delivers different energy-saving modes.
  • The coffee maker is NSF/CSA certified.


  • The machine is expensive.
  • It offers only a one-year warranty.

For hotels who are in need of the best espresso machines brand, this coffee maker is a deal, you cannot really miss.

Browsing through the features, it’s attractive Italian design is the true show-stealer. It’s elegant, durable and can run for years without giving a single issue.

Anything more? We loved the fact that the coffee maker can brew around 600 cups of coffee every single day. Well, those are crazy numbers for almost every coffee-loving person.

On top of that, the la Pavoni BAR-STAR delivers different energy-saving modes too. Last but not least, the coffee maker is NSA/CSA certified which is another good thing.

The downside? la Pavoni BAR-STAR is a little bit bulky and also requires direct plumbing for brewing coffees.

5. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The Gaggia Brera is quite easy to use a coffee machine that offers an attractive look and delicious coffees.
Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

  • The grinder is made up of ceramic material.
  • It is compatible with the pre-ground along with whole-bean coffees.
  • The coffee maker comes with lots of features.
  • The machine is easy to clean.


  • The coffee maker is made up of plastic.

The true definition of “easy to use the machine” is defined by the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic espresso machine.

This coffee maker offers a unique stainless steel design that offers an expensive feeling to the coffee lovers.

Also, with Gaggia Brera Super Automatic espresso machine, you can use pre-ground coffees with whole-bean coffees.

Our favorite things include an easy cleaning process where the whole machine dismantles easily for cleaning.

More to it, the quiet ceramic coffee grinder makes coffee in a smooth and professional way.

In the negative end, it offers a small water reservoir and the plastic body reduces the durability factor.

Famous Last Words

If you are eagerly waiting for the results, the Breville BES870XL is our top pick and best latte machine. This coffee maker offers lots of customization options, comes with a stainless steel finish and brews coffees in a quick span of time.

Of course, there is nothing like a rich and delicious coffee that can lift your moods to some good levels.

Hence, all you now is to take your sweet time. Thereafter, you can choose the best Espresso machine from the above models, select one and brew fantastic coffees, the marvelous way.

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